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1981:1 semester at the University of Cologne: Italian, Swedish and Portuguese

1981-1985: Studies of French and Spanish at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, disciplines: engineering, business administration, economics, regional and cultural studies

major: law

Since 1985: Translator (Diplom-Übersetzerin)

Since 1986: Interpreter (Diplom-Dolmetscherin)

Since 1986: Authorization as a certified translator and interpreter for French and Spanish

Since 1987: Work for the court and police, also regarding Portuguese and English

Since 2008: Exclusive external interpreter for SIG Combibloc training courses from German or English to Spanish, French or Portuguese (mechanical, electrics, programming)

2015-2016: Training as a certified mediator at the Ineko Institute (based at the University of Cologne)

Since 2016: Interpreter for training courses at RWE concerning their partnership with VALE (Brazil) from German or English to Portuguese.


Numerous years of self-study of other languages: Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedisch

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